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"The ability to hire and retain top performers is how companies become great."   - Fortune

A Herndon & Associates, Inc. offers two management training seminars, POWER Hiring and POWER Retention, centered around the performance-based hiring process thatís changing the way the world hires. Over 15,000 managers have been trained in these half-day workshops and now save time as well as money during the hiring process. Senior executives, managers, and HR personnel gain a greater understanding of the two crucial aspects to greater productivity Ė hiring right and retaining your companyís top talent.

The Problems With Hiring

There are several key factors that are the cause of most hiring errors:

  • Presentation is valued more than performance. There is more focus on the emotional aspects of how one feels about the candidate rather than on measuring the candidateís job performance.
  • Most interviewers do not know the job. There is a lack of true understanding of what performance is required in order to ensure success for a new hire.
  • Good candidates arenít necessarily good in an interview.
  • There are not enough quality candidates to consider. In order to hire top quality candidates, you have to find them. Internet recruiting is typically not the answer.

Several Errors Result:

  • Hire people who are partially competent
  • The best candidates are excluded from the pool
  • Will not retain top people if none are hired
Providing the Solutions

AHAís training seminars address the problems of hiring and retaining top candidates. They demonstrate how to focus first on performance - not presentation, on knowing job needs, interviewing, sourcing, and increasing retention.

Hiring effectiveness means getting the right pool of applicants, selecting the best candidate from the pool, closing the best candidate on the best terms, and keeping the best in your organization.

Call us today - let us help you build stronger teams in your organization by increasing your hiring and retention effectiveness.

Professional trainer and management consultant Jim Schreier, who heads AHAís Management Training, leads the seminars. Schreier has a Ph.D. in Education, an MBA, and a Bachelorís Degree in Human Resources Management.


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