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Good-to-great leaders begin by setting a new strategy. They first get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats - and then they figure out where to drive it. The old adage "People are your most important asset" turns out to be wrong. People are not your most important asset. The right people are.   - Good To Great by Jim Collins
We find the superstars

In business, talent separates the winners from the also-rans. A. Herndon & Associates, Inc. (AHA), a retained executive search firm, identifies and recruits only the best in top-performing leadership talent. Need help? Call us. AHA can dramatically boost your competitiveness today to help ensure your success for tomorrow.

Who uses AHA?

People like you. AHA clients range from Fortune 100 superpowers to up-and-coming entrepreneurial trendsetters. No matter what their size, AHA client companies have one thing in common: the need to fill critical management slots with the right people.

Expert Recruitment and Retention Services

AHA conducts upper and mid-level management searches, as well as board-level and diversity searches. Our mission is built on a proven business model designed for the stark realities facing your organization today. We serve clients in a wide range of industries, in both the national and international arenas, facilitated by internal fluency in German and Spanish. AHA can also provide Corporate Training Seminars for your own Human Resources team and line managers on how to employ our enlightened hiring and retention techniques.

Experience: The AHA Difference

Our people have gone through the booms and the busts of business cycles; and everything in between; for nearly two decades. We know what kind of talent it takes to get to the top, to stay there, or to turn a troubled situation around. Itís our hands-on business experience that makes the difference in finding the best talent. Thatís precisely why we focus on a candidateís past performance as the primary discovery tool.

Enjoy our streamlined process

AHA eliminates your talent search burden right from the start. After a thorough initial consultation, you wonít expend your valuable time on the hiring process until the most highly qualified candidates are presented for your personal review. In the interim, AHA works diligently on your behalf to make sure the best candidates move up while the rest move on. Itís that simple, itís that easy, and best of all, it works.

Take a closer look

If time is money (and we know it usually is), then invest a few minutes to review our web site. Dig deep. Weíre confident it will be time well spent especially if you need top-level talent sooner rather than later. Whatís next? Contact us to learn exactly how AHA can get the job done for you.


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Our job is to make you more competitive. A. Herndon & Associates will enhance the performance of your organization through effective retained search and through powerful corporate training programs aimed at the acquisition and retention of high-impact management professionals.