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You cannot retain top performers without first hiring top performers. But you can hire peak performers and not retain them.  

As authors Michaels, Handfield-Jones, and Axelrod explain in The War For Talent, “the new battlefield is as much for talented people as it is for key customers. Companies need to apply the same rigor to people management as they do to customer management.”

Develop a Winning Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

The POWER Retention Seminar is a half-day interactive workshop and incorporates a five-step system. Each is based on common sense management principles. The key is doing all of them. Any one strategy alone might have a positive impact on the retention of some people – but the negative effect of doing others poorly will most likely outweigh the positive.

Get Serious About Retaining Your Talent

Organizations often worry about “why people leave.” Few focus enough effort on “why people stay.” Have you hired top performers but failed to keep them? Let us show you how to turn four hours into a powerful retention program.

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Virtually all organizations constantly struggle to maintain a skilled employee base. Average employee tenure at a company today is 3.6 years, down from 22.5 years in 1960. Managing the ‘soft’ side of business has become a tricky matter. A good retention program starts with selecting the right talent in the hiring process.

When companies cannot hold on to their exceptional performers, they suffer a double whammy. When top performers leave:

  • directives are disrupted, projects delayed, teams are reassembled, morale suffers, etc.
  • 69% of the time they move to one of your competitors.

What could be worse than having a star performer leave you for the competition?